10Duke, a specialist in identity management and software licensing solutions, today announced that the 10Duke Identity Provider has been extended to support sign in with Adobe ID, a functionality which will be generally available to all customers. This latest integration to the 10Duke Identity Provider reflects the company’s commitment to build on its existing single sign-on capabilities in order to simplify user access to software applications across an ecosystem of related services.

From the 10Duke Identity Provider, you can now delegate authentication to Adobe ID, which means that a user can sign in into any identity system powered by 10Duke using their Adobe ID, without the need to register or create a separate account.

In deploying this functionality 10Duke has explored best practices both around identity protocols and user experience. The Adobe ID implementation conforms to OpenID Connect, a simple identity layer built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Although the Adobe implementation of OpenID Connect represents a variation of the OpenID Connect standard flow, from the perspective of an end user signing in, the experience is seamless.

More and more end users interact with application vendors using multiple channels and devices and expect sign up and sign in that’s convenient, frictionless and secure. From students who retain their Adobe ID after they graduate to contractors and freelancers who use their personal email address, having the option to sign in to third-party apps with their Adobe ID offers the benefit of simple and efficient access.

10Duke can help enhance the authentication experience offered by software vendors that are looking to sell services complementary to or with tight integrations to Adobe products to the more than 12 million Adobe subscribers.

In addition to sign in with Adobe ID, more key features of the 10Duke Identity Provider can be leveraged to secure access to web applications without compromising on accessibility: MFA authentication, localization, bespoke login flows, self-service password reset tool, user agreements tracking and many more.

About 10Duke

10Duke provides Single Sign-on, identity management, MFA and software licensing solutions for leading consumer and technology brands worldwide. Whether you’re looking to provide your customers with an SSO experience across your suite of applications, improve the way in which you license your software to your customers, or improve the way in which your employees connect to web-based apps through SSO, our products can help. Available as REST or Graph APIs, 10Duke’s products offer the opportunity to quickly and easily integrate advanced authentication and license management capabilities into web, mobile and desktop applications.

For more information please visit www.10duke.com or http://developer.10duke.com

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