We’re excited to announce the release of version 2.0.8 of SysAdmin, the 10Duke Identity and Entitlement web-based administration tool.

Included in this release are:

Support for Geo-IP constraint configuration

You can now define and constrain the license you offer to customers by selecting a particular country or countries from which a user is able to access your application. This great new feature now helps to prevent unauthorised usage of applications by users sharing usernames or passwords between offices based in different countries. It can be used to control entitlements to locally-run applications or used to protect content assets (such as analyst reports or research papers) that are provided from the cloud.

An improved ‘invite user’ workflow

Particularly in B2B cases, the best way of ‘on-boarding’ a new user to use an application is to invite them to create a personal profile as part of a customer organization. With 10Duke, this invitation process can either be driven with our REST API or it can also be done on an individual basis using SysAdmin. In this update, we’ve improved the flow of how an administrator issues these invitations, making it more intuitive and simpler to do.

Custom properties for an organization are now visible via SysAdmin

One of the key differentiators between the 10Duke Identity Provider and competitive solutions like AWS Cognito, Ping Federate or Azure AD is our ability to better support companies selling B2B. The rich object model underpinning our Identity Provider allows a variety of organization attributes to be appended in relation to a customer organization that you may be selling to. This flexibility can help to best model the organization you’re selling to (business units, projects teams, office locations, etc.) and it can also help when integrating 10Duke to pre-existing 3rd party solutions like Salesforce or Tableau. The attributes that can be related to an Organization are now visible and editable directly via SySAdmin in addition to being available via the REST API, making it even easier to create and describe organization in just the way you want!

Separation of Organizational and Personal Entitlements

In the updated version of SysAdmin, you will now see that we have separated Organizational and Personal entitlements so you can now create and manage each type independently of the others. In most B2B cases, organizational entitlements will be more than sufficient to accurately define the product(s) you’re selling to customers and the license terms on which you provide them. In certain cases however, it may be more suitable to create personal entitlements where there is, as the name suggests, a one-to-one mapping between the product(s) provided and a specific end user. The latest version of SysAdmin now lets you define, configure and manage these personal entitlements individually.

For more information on these feature updates, please contact your 10Duke account manager. If you’re new to 10Duke and want to discuss getting a test environment up and running please schedule a demo.

13th May 2019

SysAdmin version 2.0.8 released

We’re excited to announce the release of version 2.0.8 of SysAdmin, the 10Duke Identity and Entitlement web-based administration tool. Included in this release are: Support for […]
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