Discover how 10Duke transformed Greyscalegorilla's software license management. This partnership, aimed at simplifying complex login systems, integrated 10Duke's scalable licensing platform with Greyscalegorilla's extensive 3D asset library. The result: streamlined user experience and enhanced efficiency in managing licenses across major 3D applications.

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Discover how Foundry, an Academy Award-winning visual effects software provider, transitioned from self-made licensing to 10Duke. Foundry, known for supplying top film studios and post-production houses, faced scaling and reliability challenges with its in-house system. This led them to partner with 10Duke for improved licensing solutions, supporting their expansion.

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Learn how Maxon, the software developers behind the popular Cinema 4D - a 3D modeling, animation, motion graphic and rendering application - used 10Duke's ID management and licensing solution to move to a subscriptions based business model giving customers the ability to access trials on real projects, leading to considerable increases in revenue. Since 2000, Maxon has been a Nemetschek company.

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Learn how Seequent, a global provider of visual data science and 3D modelling software, used 10Duke to improve how they manage their customer licenses. Seequent’s 3D modelling tools and technology are widely applied across industries and projects, from the likes of road and rail tunnel construction to geothermal exploration. In 2021, Seequent was acquired by Bentley Systems for $1.05 billion.

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Learn how acQuire, a geoscientific data management provider, used 10Duke to scale up their software licensing process. acQuire were in a situation where they had a complex license model that was not well enforced and too much time was spent on licensing issues. By taking the whole process online, acQuire has been able to improve their customer experience around licensing. Since 2018, acQuire has been a part of Constellation Software, Inc via its operating group Vela Australia.

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Causeway Technologies

Learn how Causeway, a leading supplier of software solutions for the built environment, used 10Duke to centralize license administration, reduce licensing administration costs and also introduce SSO and Federation capabilities to their solution suite.

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