Unhappy With How You Currently Manage

Customer Licences With X-Formation LM-X?

Too Much Licence Admin?

Too many people working on issuing and reconciling license keys or dongles?

Limited Licence Model Support

Do you want to try consumption based, subscription or other models?

Limited Usage Visibility

Do you want to see your license usage in real time?

Customer Deployment Hassle

Tired of having to deploy and manage license servers on your customer’s sites?

Traditional licensing solutions like LM-X License Manager are poorly suited to modern ways of working

and often introduce huge amounts of friction into your business.


Avoid the Friction of

X-Formation LM-X


Any key-based licensing solution, like LM-X License Manager, introduces a significant amount of friction into your licensing process, both for you and your customer. At 10Duke, we think licensing should be invisible.

10Duke is the engine behind some of the fastest growing software companies on the planet and they continue to trust 10Duke's market leading technology.




10Duke is the Go-To Licensing

Solution for Fast Growing Businesses


With 10Duke, you can

  • Reduce the cost and time spent on licence admin

  • Deploy the licensing model that suits your product best

  • Fix software licensing and customer identity management with one solution

  • Integrate with the CRM & Ecommerce systems you already use


Learn The Basics of 10Duke Software Licensing



Reduce the Cost of Managing the

Licenses You Issue to Customers


Issue, revoke and renew end-user licenses for your products automatically using 10Duke.

Dynamically issue licenses to an entire application or to just certain features, control usage time, and provide team licenses - all from a web-based configuration panel.



Deploy the License Model That is

Best Suited to Your Product


From subscription to floating, use time to project based licensing, the 10Duke solution enables you to choose the license model that best monetizes your software and increase your revenues.

Get Software Licensing and Customer

Identity Management In One


10Duke is the only company in the market that provides both an advanced license management solution and full-scale Customer Identity Management– they were designed to work in tandem.

Our Identity Provider API authenticates your users and our Entitlement API authorises them to use their purchased products – offering you a complete solution.



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Easily Connect Licensing to

Ecommerce or CRM Systems


If you're looking to create a customer-driven, self-service purchase experience, 10Duke can be easily integrated to ecommerce engines like FastSpring and CRMs like Salesforce or HubSpot to create an automated, end to end ecommerce experience.


Why 10Duke?

Benefits 10Duke will give you


Cloud-based & Automated Licensing

Swap manual licence admin to cloud-based automated licensing that’ll make licensing invisible for your end users and help you save time.

Plug & Play Integrations

Integrate with your existing CRM & Ecommerce systems to create a seamless automated system with minimal friction.

No license keys - Reduce your license admin

No license keys to reconcile, no dongles to ship. 10Duke delivers your licenses dynamically from the cloud.

Supports All Monetization Models

Choose the business model you feel is best for monetizing your product - we support subscription, consumption-based, floating, etc.

Award Winning Solutions

Used by the world’s premiere technology and consumer brands

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Hear What Our Customers Say


acQuire provides geoscientific data management for organisations that work with natural resources, helping organisations to manage their mining and environmental data assets, which in turn can help their decision making.

acQuire were in a situation where they had a complex license model that was not well enforced and too much time was spent on licensing issues. By taking the whole process online, acQuire has been able to improve their customer experience around licensing.

With 10Duke's solution being able to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, acQuire have been able to scale up their business.

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