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Automate Your Licensing

Take your licensing to the cloud and make licensing invisible for your end users while helping yourself save time and effort.

One Solution For Licensing and Customer Identity

10Duke is the only provider in the market that gives you both licensing and customer identity management in one solution.

Easy to Integrate

Integrate with your existing CRM & ecommerce systems to create a seamless automated system with minimal friction.

Want to Enable Customers to Self-manage?

Give your customer an easy-to-use tool for managing licenses and users.

How Is 10Duke Enterprise Different From Nalpeiron's Zentitle?

10Duke Enterprise is fundamentally different from Nalpeiron's Zentitle in that we offer a full-scale Customer Identity Management Solution as part of our licensing solution out-of-the-box, at no extra cost.
10Duke Enterprise uses the concept of Identity-based licensing, a unique method of controlling access to a digital product based on the authenticated identity of an individual.
This means you always know exactly who your customers are, they can access your product easily, and you have more options at your disposal from admin tools to managing various user types.

Single Sign-On

Enable simple access to multiple applications via SSO.

Social Sign-In

Supports social ID providers like Google and Apple.

Identity Federation

Allow your partners to use their existing corporate login details to also access your applications.

Two-Factor Authentication

Further secure access to your applications through 2FA.

Success Stories

Learn how companies around the world are leveraging the power of 10Duke

10Duke Enterprise - Scalable and Flexible

Licensing Solution to Support Revenue Growth

Reduce your internal cost of license management and gain a single point of license management.

Improve how your customers
 can try and access your products using 10Duke's unique "Identity-based licensing" approach.

Learn how and when your customers
 are using your licenses and product features to help drive license sales.

Get an easy to integrate
, market-leading solution built by experts.

Prevent revenue leakage
 by means of a real-time licensing and access control solution.

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    Key Features

    Cloud-based & Automated

    Swap manual license admin to cloud-based dynamic licensing which is easier for both you and your customers to use.

    Deploy Your Preferred License Models

    Moving from perpetual to subscription or need floating licenses, 10Duke supports all popular license models.

    Customer Identity & SSO

    Identity Management comes as a built in aspect of 10Duke Enterprise, enabling you to learn more about who actually uses your products.

    Plug & Play Integrations

    Integrate with your existing CRM & Ecommerce systems to create a seamless automated system with minimal friction.

    What Our Customers Say

    Source: 10Duke Capterra reviews.

    What Makes 10Duke Enterprise Special?

    10Duke Enterprise is a single tenant solution that is deployed individually for each customer, giving the ability to customize the solution, if necessary, to suit your specific requirements. Backed by an expert team who are on-hand to provide support if needed.