Licensing Logic Held Centrally

Selling more than one application? If each app holds it own licensing logic, it's more hassle for your team to manage and harder to offer a unified product experience to your customers.

10Duke centralizes licensing logic for all your applications, giving your team one place to manage it all.


Central Product Configuration and Control

Either through APIs or online configuration, 10Duke provides your team with a single place to manage all entitlements, licenses, customers and their users.

10Duke integrates directly with CRM or ecommerce to enable those systems to license grants automatically.


Offer Combined Product Packages Which Mix Application Types

With 10Duke you can offer different types of applications (say a desktop app and a SaaS app) as part of the same commercial package. Your customer can purchase this combined product package under one license.

Simple commercial packaging combined with simple pricing will drive your revenue growth. Just ask our customers.


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