10Duke SDK version 0.9 released

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9th November 2011
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28th June 2012
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10Duke SDK version 0.9 released

10Duke have today announced the release of version 0.9 of the 10Duke SDK. This latest version further extends the already feature-packed software development kit. New features in the Java SDK include RESTful endpoints for media serving and object storage allowing for more flexible querying. Also included in the 0.9 version are dynamic relations between objects enabling developers to code faster and with more flexibility.

Frej Salminiitty, Chief Technology Officer of 10Duke comments: “The development of the 10Duke SDK continues at a rapid pace and we’ve added a whole host of new features for version 0.9. We hope the developer community will quickly benefit from the latest addition of graph-based access to data and media. We’ve also included a series of bug fixes as well as further improving the documentation. I’m excited by the new release and we are working already on the next version to bring even more to the developer community. Enterprise software development kits are typically inflexible, take too much time to start developing with and result in clunky and resource intensive applications. Our SDK offers companies something that is simple to learn and enables rapid development, enabling them to quickly respond to market conditions and become more innovative with their applications.”

The 10Duke SDK is a graph-based, application development kit for creating Elastic Applications. To learn more about the 10Duke SDK and to download it, visit developer.10duke.com.

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