New Improved Documentation Site Released

Product Update: New Features For Both OrgAdmin and SysAdmin
15th December 2022
Product Updates Q1 2023
31st March 2023
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New Improved Documentation Site Released

10Duke are excited to announce our revamped developer documentation to help our customers
get off to a flying start with their licensing using 10Duke!

In our new online documentation, you will easily navigate to the content you need, whether it’s
instructions for the task at hand or background information on how
10Duke works.
We also explain the key features and concepts of how licensing works with 10Duke
and how to go about integrating your software product with it.

For a developer connecting software applications to 10Duke Enterprise for license authorization
and consumption, we explain the key steps needed and provide a full API reference on the
10Duke APIs.

For an administrator setting up the products and managing users and licenses, we provide
comprehensive instructions on how to use the 10Duke SysAdmin administration tool.

To access the new documentation, simply follow the link:

For more information, speak to your contact at 10Duke!