Product Update: New Features For Both OrgAdmin and SysAdmin

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10th November 2022
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30th March 2023
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Product Update: New Features For Both OrgAdmin and SysAdmin

We are happy to announce a number of new product features for both 10Duke OrgAdmin and 10Duke SysAdmin.


To recap:

10Duke OrgAdmin is an administration tool that software vendors can make available to their customer organizations, so that they can manage their purchased licenses, onboard users and control access to licenses.

For OrgAdmin, we have added:

  • the ability to download license tokens for them to use to support offline licensing use cases
  • improved license consumption information
  • improved organization role management to enable the allocation of different roles and permissions to different members of their team


10Duke SysAdmin is a web-based management tool used by the system administrators of a deployed 10Duke licensing solution. SysAdmin enables license models and product configurations, identity management, connecting client applications, granting and managing licenses, and more.

For SysAdmin, we have improved and extended support for granting client roles and permissions to an organization role. This extended support will help centralize access management to an organization’s data. It will also better support cases where role-based access control for client applications is also needed.

To learn more about these new features, please get in touch with your integration support team at 10Duke.