Announcing Our Newly Redesigned Developer Site

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17th August 2018
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Announcing Our Newly Redesigned Developer Site

10Duke is excited to announce the launch of our redesigned developer website! We’ve made some big enhancements to the site with the goal of creating a more user-friendly experience for any developer working with any 10Duke product. We’ve kept the old site structure so that you can still easily find what you’re looking for from a product perspective, but added a HUGE amount of new content including API references, tutorials, config guides and more.

You can find the 10Duke developer website at Here are some resources you may be interested in;

New Identity Provider REST API, complete with code examples in a variety of languages.
New Identity provider Graph API with more detail on how to better understand and query identity-related objects in the Graph.
New Entitlements Graph API with more detail on how to better understand and query entitlement-related objects in the Graph
New Entitlements Authorization API used for all authorization-related decisions in a 10Duke Entitlements deployment.

Client Libraries
New client libraries for helping to get your applications to delegate authentication and authorisation to 10Duke solutions.

Developer Guides
An updated 10Duke Entitlements developer guide is now available, that simplifies how you can harness the power of identity-based licensing for you applications or content.
An updated Identity Provider developer guide is also available that makes it even easier to understand how to code against the 10Duke Identity Provider.

Brand new to 10Duke these never-seen-before quickstart tutorials will walk you through how to implement SSO quickly and with no pain.

It’s a gigantic leap forward for our documentation and yes, our wrists and fingers are sore from updating all the content, but we hope that it’s now much easier to find the information you’re looking for. It’s kind of like all of your Christmases come in one, just in the middle of August and with no gingerbread!

We hope you enjoy it.

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