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27th September 2018
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31st October 2018
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Lights, Camera, Action!

Today we release the first in our series of customer video testimonials, and we can’t think of a better way to kick things off than with this great testimonial from Causeway Technologies. As well as being the CTO of the only global software provider that powers the design, build, operation and maintenance of the built environment, Causeway CTO David Ovington will surely soon have Hollywood knocking on his door!

In the interview, David Ovington highlights precisely why he’s the ‘steady hand at the wheel’ of a rapidly growing organisation, with a well-delivered testimonial that exemplifies trust and value.

Before partnering with 10Duke Causeway faced some challenges around licensing and identification of users, with no single view of individuals using their systems.

“Actually understanding what our customers were entitled to as individual users in one central place, just wasn’t possible.” says David Ovington. “from a support perspective when customers wanted new license keys there were very different licensing methods, we’d have to go to certain individuals or certain spreadsheets, certain systems to be able to issue those license keys. It wasn’t a seamless process.”

Following implementation of the 10Duke Identity Provider, 10Duke Entitlement Service and Reporting API, Causeway have gained a true SSO experience for their customers with centralised control over their applications.  

….“The system we have in place now, which controls, right from a contract being put in place, to payment being made, automatic issue of licenses, that whole seamless system, has really exceeded my expectations. All in all its been a pleasure working with the 10Duke team.”

The feeling is definitely mutual, and all in all, it’s been a real pleasure working with Causeway Technologies. 

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